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What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing technology enables virtual collaboration over the internet between people located anywhere in the world. There are many ways web conferencing can be utilised for virtual collaboration. You can use web conferencing for:

  • quarterly meetings
  • sales target meetings
  • new staff inductions
  • product training
  • online training
  • future planning meetings
  • teaching and schooling
  • investor relations announcements
  • Annual General Meetings (AGM)
  • media releases
  • webisodes
  • public relations announcements
  • video blogs (vlogs)

Web conferencing has many benefits.

  • Reduce costs and save time by eliminating the need to travel to meetings.
  • Increase productivity and speed up decision-making by holding meetings at short notice.
  • Conduct online presentations, demonstrations and training sessions easily.
  • Easily connect teams in remote locations.


Web conferencing with Infoshare has a long list of features. These features allow you to:

  • share screens
  • share documents and transfer files
  • integrate your web meetings with MS Outlook
  • access detailed reporting
  • hide attendee lists
  • run polls
  • participate and control live group and private chat
  • push URLs out to participants
  • run Q&A sessions
  • appoint a panellist for large meetings
  • raise hands to talk
  • share specific applications
  • stop or pause sharing
  • change presenter
  • stream desktop video so you can see each other in HD
  • draw and annotate live on screen
  • record desktop and video in one click
  • choose VoIP or telephone audio, or both
  • lock the web conference

Make your meetings visible.

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