Get dial-in numbers

How to choose the right dial-in number:

Hosting a high-volume call inside Australia

Using the national toll free number can make your invitation process nice and easy. Instead of spending time typing out different capital city numbers, you can provide all of your guests with the national toll free number.

Cost conscious?

If you are working to a budget, use our local capital city number for just 6c per minute per caller. You can provide each guest with a dial-in number relevant to their location across the capital cities of Australia.

International conference calls

We have a range of international toll free numbers that you can provide to your guests depending on where they are in the world. 

If there is no number listed to match the location of your guests, provide them with the direct dial number. The direct dial number is listed under international toll free numbers.

Things to remember:

  • You don't need to add a prefix to the international toll free numbers.
  • International toll free numbers are available to landlines and local mobiles only.
  • Some mobiles may not have access to toll free numbers.
  • Participants in Northern Ireland must use the 'United Kingdom' number, and participants in the Republic of Ireland use the direct dial number.

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