Understanding Conferencing Audio Quality

A successful teleconference relies on exceptional audio quality. 

Knowing what kind of audio you are getting should be a key part of your research when considering a conference provider.

There are two main types of teleconferencing platforms:

General-purpose media server:

  • Service providers load a teleconferencing software program onto a standard media server.
  • It is a cheap and quick setup for the provider, so they often offer their services cheaply.
  • The teleconferencing calls are routed over the internet (VoIP).
  • The output of audio quality is highly variable and there is often significant delay in the conversation as the physical distance between guests increases.

Dedicated purpose-built conferencing platform:

  • Ozlink uses a purpose-built teleconferencing platform - the same one used by leading conferencing service providers around the world.
  • Service providers invest large amounts into their conferencing platform to ensure quality services.
  • The purpose-built platform ensures calls are routed via a digital telephone system (not the internet).
  • The output of the audio quality is high.

The table below demonstrates the difference in audio quality you can expect from Ozlink’s purpose-built teleconferencing platform (Contex Summit) and a media server.


Quality of speech score - effort required to 'understand’ the meaning of sentences:

5 (excellent): complete relaxation possible; no effort required

4 (good): attention necessary; no appreciable effort required

3 (fair): moderate effort required

2 (poor): considerable efforts required

1 (bad): no meaning understood with any feasible effort

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